Brenda’s clients say: “She is who you want fighting for you in court.”

Brenda has been an aggressive advocate for many people. Read what they have to say about her.

I literally could write a 9+ page testimonial about Brenda Clark and what she has meant to me and my family. I came to Brenda when I needed to save my young child. She took on my unique, complex post-divorce custody case without hesitation and with great eagerness to help my child. It was a long, strenuous and emotional battle. Through it all she never quit fighting for my child. Her optimism is high and that helped me more than she will ever know. She does what she does because she has a love for people, especially children.

She is a defender of those who are in need of a defender. As long as I live I will never forget sitting on the stand for hours under cross examination and seeing Brenda’s encouraging smile, silently signaling to me “you’re doing great!” Brenda allowed me to do something that I am not so certain other attorneys would have allowed me to do. She gave me the opportunity to tell a Judge that my daughter is the center of my world, in my own words and from my heart. She isn’t about showboating; she’s about letting the truth be known. And I am so grateful for her giving me the chance to do just that.

She is dependable, loyal, unwavering in the face of adversity and has a compassionate, caring nature. These are just a few of the many attributes she has. One other word sums Brenda Clark nicely: WINNER! Not only does she win but she wins by always doing the right thing and following the law. Her integrity is the highest you will find. She is undoubtedly matchless. She has made a permanent impact on my life and I will always be grateful to have that impact and more importantly her in my life.

— Carrie Y.

Brenda Clark is a great attorney. She is honest, compassionate, and hard working.

I believe God sends us Guardian Angels in ways we least expect them, Brenda was ours. My husband and I were in a complicated custody battle. we spoke with several other Attorneys who were not right for us. My husband was going through the phone book and saw her name and was compelled to call her. From the moment he spoke to her, to the time we met with Brenda, we knew she was the one for us. When we met with her and told her our story and situation, she was honest and upfront with us about our chances and the cost for the multiple situations we needed her help with. She did not give us any false hope or dismiss what we wanted to accomplish, she just gave us the truth and facts. She did promise us she would do all she could to help us achieve our goal and would fight for us as long as wanted her to.

One of our goals was complicated and she let us know there was little hope but not impossible and it could get expensive to proceed but we wanted to go ahead anyway, we were not giving up and she told us she would not give up either. Most of our situations and goals were accomplished quickly and one took about 1 year to achieve, but in the end we won and our kids won. Brenda stood by us, guiding and fighting for us every step. She is an amazing person and a great attorney, and she was our Guardian Angel.

Without her knowledge of the law and the compassion she has, we would not have won our case. We had been trying for years to win our case with no luck, until we found her… She saved our kids. She was and is always there when we had questions or concerns, no matter how silly or small she always answered us honestly, even when it was not what we wanted or hoped to hear, but it was an honest answer. Even now questions arise and we feel completely comfortable and confident knowing we can still call her for advice and know she is there and ready to help.

Attorneys are not cheap so you don’t want to waste your money on just any attorney, Brenda Clark is a great attorney and someone you need to speak to before choosing an attorney, you can count on her to work hard for you. We love her and will always be grateful to her for all her hard work, honesty, and compassion she gave us.

— Wanda M.

Brenda is the best attorney that ever lived.

She has seen my family through some really tough times. She is our angel. My son absolutely adores her. I’m pretty crazy about her myself.

She is who you want fighting for you in court.

— Jeni H.

I decided a long time ago if I needed an attorney, I would want someone who is knowledgeable, passionate, and possesses integrity.

Thanks to a very dear friend, I found that in Brenda Clark. She is supportive and available! Ms. Clark will guide and direct you through your situation based on her thorough understanding of the law.

She is always my recommendation when anyone that I know is in need of legal advice and help! She’s superb!”

— DD D.

I can’t say enough great things about working with Brenda Clark.

She helped me navigate through an incredibly difficult divorce, and guided me through a process that was foreign to me. Brenda is professional, kind, and full of class.

I felt confident and proud that she was representing me in court and I cannot recommend her enough.

— Cara H.

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